Advertising Communication in Gift Box Customization

Release time:2018-03-19 18:26:50

"There is a deep advertising principle in gift box customization!" When consumers come in face-to-face contact with a dazzling array of products, packaging itself is the most important carrier of product information, and it is a direct incentive to stimulate consumer desires and determine consumer purchasing behavior. Apart from the basic functions of protecting products, design plays a more and more important role in the dissemination of advertising information.
Packaging is an important part of goods. The functions of packaging mainly include four aspects: protecting product functions, storing and transporting functions, promoting sales functions, and increasing profitability. In addition to the above four functions, the advertising function of packaging has received extensive attention in recent years. The advertising function of the package is reflected in the fact that product packaging can be used as a carrier for advertising information of packaged products or even other products. As an advertising information carrier, packaging design can include advertising communication elements such as brand, trademark, product advertisement language, advertisement image, advertisement image, and product information. When the consumer reads or reads the packaging text or the packaging picture, the advertising function of the packaging is virtually realized.
Advertising is essentially mass communication that promotes sales and disseminates information about products or services through specific media. Packaging design is also a creative expression of product information and visual communication with consumers. Excellent packaging design has outstanding sales promotion features. The commonality of the packaging design and advertisement communication in terms of purpose and creative expression of information provides realistic conditions for the realization of packaging design advertising communication function.
Packaging is an important carrier of product advertising information. In packaging design, the main information elements passed include product names, brands, trademarks, manufacturers, and raw materials. This information is also an important element of information in advertising. Advertising disseminates this information creatively, or resorts to visual expressions, or appeals to auditory performance, and communicates creative information to target consumers through advertising media. . The visual information in advertising is also often seen in packaging design. In this sense, product packaging has become a vehicle for product advertising information.
In addition to the common information conveyed in packaging design and advertising communication, information elements such as slogans, advertising spokespersons, commercials, or visual images in print ads are often embodied in packaging design. The communication of advertising information in the packaging design can enable consumers to interact with the product packaging, recall the advertising screen, packaging design and advertising communication with each other, and play a role in enhancing the effectiveness of advertising communication.
Packaging design becomes an integral part of advertising campaigns. In marketing communications, advertising activities on different topics are often conducted according to changes in the marketing environment. In the development of advertising campaigns, multiple communication methods and coordination of communication activities are required. Packaging design can be used as a means of communication, embodying the theme of advertising campaigns and becoming an integral part of advertising campaigns.
Packaging becomes the advertising carrier for other products. When the carrier’s social penetration rate exceeds 20%, it can be regarded as a mass media. For products with higher sales volume and higher market share, product packaging has to some extent met the requirements of being a mass media. Through the market circulation channels of the product itself, the advertising information accompanying the packaging can reach the target audience accurately. In advertisement communication, the packaging of other products that have a high coincidence rate with the targeted consumers of the product, strong product relevance, and large sales volume can be selected as the carrier for advertisement information dissemination.
The packaging itself is an advertisement for the product. Due to the uniqueness of the packaging design itself, a unique directional relationship between the packaging and the packaged product is generated. When the packaging appears in the line of sight of the consumer, even if the textual information is not yet seen, the consumer will think of the corresponding product and Brand. The packaging design became the most direct advertisement.
Packaging is the most direct advertising product. In the case of extremely rich merchandise, severe homogenization of products, and consumers being surrounded by media information, the role of packaging in communicating with consumers has become increasingly evident, and the advertising role of packaging has been increasingly recognized and accepted by people. Although some brands have made some successful applications in the use of packaging design for advertising, some institutions and scholars have explored packaging advertisements. However, on the whole, the existence of some problems has affected the full play of packaging advertisements.
First of all, in terms of concepts, marketing managers and packaging designers do not clearly understand the function of advertising in packaging. In actual packaging design and packaging management, packaging design cannot be considered in conjunction with advertising campaigns and marketing activities. There is no adequate use of packaging transmission carrier resources, and there is a lack of cooperation between packaging design and advertising communication activities, resulting in a waste of packaging advertising resources.

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