What is the influence of packaging on the desire for shopping in cosmetics gift boxes?

Release time:2018-03-19 15:19:52

I believe we must have the same feeling. When using certain products, if it is inconvenient to use, or if there are frequent failures, then it is a feeling of uneasiness. Therefore, it is very important that cosmetics gift boxes are packaged in custom!
Speak back to spray the bottle. In conventional cosmetics bottles, the contents of the bottle were mostly dumped in order to be used, as well as the wide-mouthed bottle used for the cream, which had to be applied by hand. The use of spray bottles for cosmetics as packaging materials, the first to simplify the use of the steps, the second to reduce the chance of secondary pollution products, the third more in line with the consumer’s use requirements.
As the sunscreen spray that has been rising for nearly two years, it has been favored by some consumers because of its ease of use and uniform application. Of course, it is also related to the refreshing and non-greasy feel of sunscreen spray products. However, the texture of the product and the fit of the packaging material are the highlights of each product.
Products with different textures and different viscosities use nozzles of different calibers. The smaller the viscosity of the product, the narrower the caliber of the nozzles should be to achieve better atomization.
In short, the packaging is no longer limited to the bearing and aesthetic aspects, and the product experience is also very important, and the simplicity mentioned above is only one of them. The interest of packaging materials is also one of the directions of packaging development.
Speaking of interest, as a female consumer of the cosmetics market, many consumers have potential standards for product packaging needs.
Meng: The cartoon images that are printed on the packaging, the peculiar package shapes, the anthropomorphization, the quasi-materialization, the colorful packaging, etc. can all stimulate the desire of consumers to purchase. Packaging creativity is not only interesting, but also gives packaging a more intimate function, allowing consumers to have a good user experience.
Conciseness: Usually simple and generous design style can easily highlight the pure, elegant and quality visual perception of a product.
Practicality: If the packaging material of some products can be used for other storage and decoration after the product is used up, the product will also be awarded. As the clay film product Xiaobian saw earlier, using porcelain-like packaging materials, the shape is like a small flowerpot, which has attracted the attention of many consumers to some extent.

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