Rich industry experience

The packaging industry has rich experiences and success examples on product packaging customization for hundreds of industries. We can accurately present your brand needs on product packaging!

Advanced equipment

Complete production chain: advanced printing equipment and auxiliary equipment at all stages of Japan and Germany were introduced, so there is a solid technical foundation guarantee.

Build up your brand

Designer has 10 years of design experience, unique design concepts, which allows products to better highlight the company's brand image.

Quality makes you satisfied

Create sample quality until customers are satisfied based on the sample or plan provided by the customer.

Our strength

  • Excellent printing equipment

    Imported advanced printing equipment and printing standards superior to other peers.

  • Double packaging protection

    Super tight packaging protection is provided to ensure the product is intact at the time of delivery

  • Innovative technology management

    Constant innovation, reasonable prices, advanced technology, quality assurance

  • Quality service

    Free sample creation: there is one person creates sample and supervises sample quality to ensure customer satisfaction


Huada printing - customized packaging for your exclusive brand, we have "created value for customers" as the mission of the enterprise

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About us

Shenzhen Huada Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huada Color Printing Co., Ltd. is located in China specialty City, Pinghu street, Longgang District, Shenzhen. The company is a manufacturer of various paper packaging products through design, printing and back-to-back processing. The company has the world's advanced printing equipment: folio Komori 8 + 1U V printing machine, Mitsubishi folio 5-color machine and complete back channel supporting auxiliary equipment; Such as: peritoneal machine, bronzing machine, die-cutting machine, screen machine, etc.


Honor Qualifications




How does a good design idea in the box customization process behave?

How does a good design idea in the box customization process behave? Huada color printing design today to share with you the performance of the packaging design.


  • Advertising Communication in Gift Box Customization


    "There is a deep advertising principle in gift box customization!" When consumers come in face-to-face contact with a dazzling array of products, packaging itself is the most important carrier of product information, and it is a direct incentive to stimulate consumer desire and determine consumer purchasing behavior. Apart from the basic functions of protecting products, design plays a more and more important role in the dissemination of advertising information.

  • What is the influence of packaging on the desire for shopping in cosmetics gift boxes?


    I believe we must have the same feeling. When using certain products, if it is inconvenient to use, or if there are frequent failures, it is a very sensational feeling. Therefore, it is very important that cosmetics gift boxes are packaged in custom!